Money is the root of all evil. And the pursuit thereof is an undertaking which, depending on who you talk to, will cost you your immortal soul, annihilate your chances of attaining happiness and probably destroy the planet while you’re at it. A million quotes and witticisms by people way smarter than me will attest to this. People who want to tell you how to live….

This a series of posts I’m doing for my kids. In case I die (ie. Go Darke) and I’m not around to to teach them (personal) finance when the time comes. Its mostly stuff I wish someone had taught me when I was sixteen. 

Abdication of responsibility

Be weary about acting on ‘good’ advice. What seems like guidance can (and should) only ever really be administered in broad strokes. And perhaps more importantly one needs to be cognizant that advice, while perhaps infused with good intentions, might actually just be wrong. Without an understanding of your unique personal circumstances most advice should be viewed with (at best) circumspection and skepticism by the intended recipient.

I include myself in this. I don’t know you. And you don’t know me. Everything I write is tainted by survivorship bias and a unique set of personal circumstances that are likely very different from yours. Trying to emulate someone else’s operating system may not be an optimal strategy. In fact it may be downright harmful to you… and those that you care about.

Having said that, I am very appreciative of appropriating other peoples ideas into your own system, seeing what fits and plays nicely with what you’ve got, hopefully leading to an improvement in your own gains.

Most money stuff isn’t hard. It’s just been wrapped up in industry jargon, abbreviations and a shroud of elitism that’s made it seem like its beyond the realm of average comprehension. Trust me, if I can figure it out anyone can. Like with most things it just takes time and likely some discipline.

Good luck out there.


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