Project – Paleo


Full disclosure. I have gone Paleo before. And failed. I eventually cracked (like an eggshell) from the psychological trauma of not being able to eat bread and then once you’re off piste there things start to go downhill really quick. Its also A LOT harder when your partner isn’t following your particular diet and the pantry cupboard is littered with dietary caltrops. (fortunately my wife is doing this with me this time round)

I learned a couple of things from my last foray in to the breach.

  1. You need to do some serious prep work. It was almost impossible (for me) to whip up a quick snack when I was past the point of ravenously hungry (so in my case, having not eaten for two hours). Once you’re there you start to make really bad decisions about what you put into your mouth. (this can almost be a metaphor for something else). If I don’t prep I will fail.
  2. Paleo can get expensive. ESPECIALLY if you don’t follow the first guideline 1.

As an added handicap I’m also going throwing intermittent fasting into the mix. My window for eating is an 8 hour window from 10am to 6pm. I’ve set myself an initial goal of 100 days.

Days 3/100


03.04.2018 (Day 1) – Wanted to start this on April fools but we were on vacation. So started today instead. Its been okay, I thought I’d struggle to get to 10am before eating but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. (famous last words)

04.04.2018 (Day 3) – There is Krispy Kreme in the office today. And coffee. Its raining outside and miserable. The resolve is fluctuating massively.  My stomach has been pretty messed up the last two days. The sudden lack of carbohydrates has sent my gut into panic stations. I know this from the previous time. Until things settle my bathroom experiences are bound to be pretty dark.




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