Project : 1 mile swim


I have never swum a mile (all in one go). Well… I don’t think I have. I feel I would have likely remembered (especially since its harder than I recall… and also… in all honesty, its boring AF) In any event, I feel I should tick this off my list, in some sort of official capacity.

11.01.2019 – 125mtrs (lol, good start)
22.01.2019 – 500mtrs
25.01.2019 – 550mtrs
28.01.2019 – 875mtrs
31.01.2019 – 600mtrs
04.02.2019 – 500mtrs
11.02.2019 – 900mtrs
12.02.2019 – 1000mtrs (first time I’ve swum 1km)


14.02.2019 – 1025mtrs
20.02.2019 – 600mtrs
04.03.2019 – 650mtrs
05.03.2019 – 1125mtrs
26.03.2019 – 1000mtrs
03.04.2019 – 1600mtrs

Done. Wasn’t planning on hitting the mile today. But I’d had a crappy morning at work… and the alternative was going back into the hellmouth. Added some extra motivation to grind it out.


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