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Adam Long

I really like firefighters.


This picture was taken thirty years ago (1988) by Ron Olshwanger, a fire district director who took pictures of fires in his free time. It also won him a Pulitzer prize.

The firefighter is Adam Long who had just pulled an unresponsive two year old girl called Patricia Pettus from her burning home in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis. He is busy trying to resuscitate her with mouth to mouth.

Patricia clung to life for six days in St Louis Children’s Hospital before succumbing to her injuries.

While Mr. Long was branded a hero after the incident he said he didn’t feel very heroic. “For about a year, I second-guessed myself: ‘Did you really do all that you could have done?’” Long said.

Mr. Long eventually became a Battalion Chief for the St. Louis Fire Department and Fire Chief at Lambert Field.