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I know in modernity there is a common convention that requires you to have a dogmatic opinion on everything. And taking up a posture where you straddle two positions just opens you up to a swift kick to the groin from either proponent… which if you’ve ever taken a solid shot* to the nether regions is a less than desirable circumstance.

*I was going to say ‘blow’… but I thought that might open me up to ambiguity.  (Jo takes a moment to laugh at his own joke)


I just wanted to give props to this guy! Without having to venture an opinion on either Palestinian or Israeli statehood. Armed with a bandanna, tennis racket and a lackadaisical sense of self preservation this individual brought his overhead volley to the fight.

As an aside.

The war time use of CS is prohibited under the terms of the Chemical Weapons Convention signed by most nations in 1993 with all but five other nations signing between 1994 and 1997. Only four nations have not signed the Chemical Weapons Convention and are therefore unhindered by restrictions on the use of CS gas: Angola, Egypt, North Korea and Somalia. Domestic use of CS by police is mostly legal as the Chemical Weapons Convention prohibits only military use. 

I’ve been tear gassed (in the army) and I didn’t really like it. Definitely made my list of things to avoid in the future (along with bullets). But this guy either has a hardened constitution and is made of sterner stuff… or this is his first hoedown and after this picture was taken he sheaths his Wilson and heads home for a much deserved eye bath (and maybe a hug)

Unfortunately I have no idea what happened to him. Its entirely possible an Israeli sniper expressed his cranial matter into the atmosphere about his personage shortly hereafter.

Or not. I actually have no idea what the IDF rules of engagement are for tennis rackets.  But its likely they take a dim view on returning ordnance.