Rise of the robotic pot plant

I don’t covet a lot of things. Especially largely superfluous (gimmicky) things that serve no real purpose or add any real value…

But I want one of these!


Its a robotic pot plant that will follow the sun around your house. It will also retreat back into the shade when it feels its… eh… host has had enough. Part of me wants to use the word ‘symbiot’. But I think that might not be a real word… and potentially something I’ve picked up from science fiction. Besides I think symbiotic references only mutual dependence… while host is a more one side living arrangement… as far as I can remember.

Now that I’ve contextualized my broad ignorance about all things biological… I can speculate as to why I am so enamored with this contraption. Likely a childhood colored by dystopian anime coupled with the devices apple-esque aesthetic. Also I like succulents (since I find them harder to kill).

Christmas is coming.


4 thoughts on “Rise of the robotic pot plant

      1. Hahhaha! I do not in fact own any pets. I drove my truck. And there was this intersection in town and every corner a bunch of people with signs and hats that were actually cardboard salmon. And they looked cold because it’s in the 20s (F*) during the day…. those crazy Alaskans. The salmon was because of a proposition (plus candidates that lean one way or the other).


  1. Oh jolly good. I’m glad you voted. Even if it didn’t involve bears and a dangerous trail navigated by dog sled.

    I am also impressed your town has an intersection. ha ha ha. (I’m so funny)


    Hmm. Salmon. I could totally do with some of that now… preferably bonded to rice in a form of sushi. Nom nom nom


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