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Collective insanity

Wrestle dog - Will smith.png

Of all the insanity humankind as come up with… paying someone (In this case Will Smith) millions of Dollars to pretend choke a puppet (wielded by a man in a green suit) has got to be near the top of the list… surely? I mean I appreciate that he is a popular influencer who has, with great adroitness, worked himself into this position and that he should likely be compensated for his… eh… brand (I guess). I can get behind that in a supply and demand kinda way. After all you can pay people whatever you think they are worth… as is your right.

Where my grouch really hits the fan is that these are our go-to paragons to admire and emulate? We heed their opinions on politics, economics, sociology and even worse foist some expectation of leadership ability on them. How do we go from a skill-set that involves choking a puppet (albeit with expression) and equating that with expertise in any other field. I don’t really want to pick on Will Smith specifically (and as far as I know he has no political ambitions)… but this picture (for me at least) encapsulated a certain sense of ridiculousness

While I like to rage against actors and their particular brand of celebrity because their art revolves around deception and spuriousness…. but this is likely true for other ‘professions’ too. People that hit little white balls into holes in the ground and talk show hosts. How is an a expectation formed that these people who have very niche proficiency can and indeed would do well in other areas without having to prove ability first? Not only that, but these individuals have the hubris to believe they will do a good job and that they are the best candidate for the job.

Of course I have to admit that this isn’t always the rule. Ronald Reagan for example was an actor and a really good president. (in fact his he my favorite US president during my life time… everyone since then has been average or below average imo anyway). But he was a pretty good governor first with something of a track record.

Having said that I’m not a fan of career politicians either and sometimes find myself imagining Plato’s philosopher kings as my go-to leadership system.

Style of over substance. Charisma over ability. This is likely not a new phenomenon. In ye-olden times military commissions where given to family members and other ‘networked’ individuals… resulting in some spectacular blunders. But memories are short and we haven’t really evolved past this particular tribal trait and are unlikely to do so in the near future.

Really I’m just whining and lamenting that marketing has become the driving force in everything that we do.