Damn Carpet


Diogenes used to live in a bathtub. One day a man gave him a carpet. A few days later Diogenes called the man to him again. “Please, take back your carpet.”

“But why, Master?” the man asked. “It is a wonderful carpet and I have given it to you with no strings attached.”

“My happiness was unconditioned by the carpet,” replied Diogenes. “And besides I don’t care to sweep it every day.”

– Paramahansa Yogananda 

[Jo] I really like that Diogenes has all these dogs in this painting. Dogs make me happy. I’m also glad that he’s covering his junk. I’m not entirely sure that was necessarily a given in ancient Greece. Its not that his nakedness would disturb me… Its more a health and safety concern and the fact that an exposed and gently swaying member might present a tempting target for a hungry canis, no matter how familiaris

I’ve realized my mind always gravitates towards the worst case scenario…

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