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Burn, burn…

I don’t really have a gripe with Veganism. For the most part I find it quite admirable and I appreciate people that try and live by a code, even if that code is not necessarily my code.

I use the term code quite loosely… since my code is more like ‘a set of guidelines’ (to paraphrase Captain Barbarossa, from Pirates of the Caribbean). I find people that have actual codes, that are non- negotiable, quite intriguing.


Where Veganism gets a little murky for me is when it is used as a building block in some form superiority argument. ‘I’m a better person because I’m a Vegan and my dietary requirements don’t kill the planet’.

I think what they mean to say is, ‘My dietary requirements kill the planet less‘.

Which is a fair point and one that I, as an omnivore and misanthrope am happy to concede. Also that’s not really a Vegan issue insofar I think a lot of Vegans appreciate the cost of sustaining themselves… hence the reason they have chosen Veganism…

But for humans to live… something else has gotta die. Case in point the flame thrower weed killer tractor… eh… apparatus…. which looks like a fairly indiscriminate killing machine to me, but it does allow you to package your kale as organic thereafter. I find that such a machine exists quite fascinating.

If you actually cared about the planet, you should probably just kill yourself. Preferably in an environmentally friendly way… that doesn’t cause more disruption to the ecosystem than your stupid life has already caused. Lead by example.

Your life will likely never be a zero sum game where you give back to the planet as much as you’ve taken away. Which means on a long enough time line we are fucked as a species.

We will probably join trillions of other species throughout the galaxy that didn’t make it. We think we are special though. We have a deity* that looks out for us specifically and they are going to pull us off the metaphorical jungle gym and give us a serious talking to if things ever get exceptionally dire and it looks like we might actually hurt ourselves.

*I never know whether this should be pluralized or not.

I for one, will not be leading by example. If you really start to dwell on whether ethically you should exist things start moving downhill pretty quick. None of us asked to be here. Life was simply foisted on us. These are your survival parameters, you’re going to have to kill a metric-fuck-tonne of stuff to get through your allotted time here… good luck…

‘Woah, woah… woah… wait what?’ ‘This doesn’t seem like a particularly good deal… I will get to experience life… but will then have agonize over my wake as a ravager… can we talk about this for second?’

Maybe its that we are uncomfortable in the role that we have been assigned. The role of planet killers.

I mean we are really good at it. Probably the thing we are best at. Maybe we should just go with it. Embrace our function.


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