People that need to be punched in the face


People that need to be punched in the face… figuratively… he said… after a moment of consideration. (I’m trying to be less… eh… combative in my old age and not necessarily resort to the quick acceleration of my forehead into the orbital socket of the individual that vexes me as my go-to problem solving solution)

I think virtue signalling through your children is especially wicked though. But… I guess… words (of a Socratic and logical bend) are all I’ve really got to counter stuff like this. Even if it is less gratifying (to me at any rate). Violent intervention rarely solves a problem. Especially an ideological one.

If you’re of a libertarian slant you believe people should be allowed to do whatever they want… unless of course it affects somebody else. It becomes less clear cut to me when those other people are children.

I think about this a lot with my own child (soon to be children) in so far as how the decisions I foist upon them will affect them. I decide what schools they will attend, where we will live and (at least initially) what kids come round to play (the naughty, undisciplined, rowdy ones are eh… discouraged)

I mean I can claim all sorts of superiority in so far as I’m trying to bring them up in quite a neutral and secular environment until they are old enough to decide (for example) if they would like to pursue a religion or not, but they will undoubtedly be influenced by my opinions, positions and general grumbling before that point. Who is to say those are the right positions?

Of course you can’t raise kids in a stimulus free vacuum, releasing them as a blank slate into the world at eighteen with a handshake and a ‘Good luck’. But where exactly are those parameters you should follow up until then, they seem so nebulous and vague.

Take for example something as mundane as a musical instrument. My wife is a drummer. My child occasionally expresses interest in smashing the snare and toms. What if that develops into an interest in taking lessons. My tendency… is to steer her away from drums and perhaps into something less… traumatic (for me)… and perhaps recommend the (bass) guitar instead. (if you’ve lived in a house with drums you know how… um… interesting it gets when someone is learning to play the drums). Besides the parents of a drummer in a band have the worst life, they always have to cart the drums everywhere and help set them up and then help disassemble them at 2am. (I’ve thought about this A LOT)

I realize Karma has decided that for my sins of misogyny I will live in a house with all female drummers and that it might be amusing for me to imagine that I can change my fate… ‘Alea iacta est’, so to speak.

Anyways, isn’t influencing your child not to take up drums and sending them to school in a dress shades of the same thing?

2 thoughts on “People that need to be punched in the face

  1. This is in response to the article and the insensitive person that calls him this boys parent, children are not extensions of their parents, the are living breathing people all in their own right. They belong to you only by society’s rules. It’s hard to believe that someone made a moral statement and then abused a moral right and personhood of another while doing it.
    You can’t expect to make a moral statement forcing another person to do that work for you, it’s no longer your statement. You go to work in a dress of you’re a man or looking like a man if you’re a woman and make what you believe to be a statement (although I’m not agreeing that that’s the way to combat gender stereotyping)
    EC reacting to be being treated in the same manner as a child. 😶


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