Go Darke

Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it

Philosophy, Stoicism

A book for all and none.

I’m casually re-reading ‘Thus spoke Zarathustra’, which, as it turns out, seems to be working out much better for my internet addled mind than reading it all in one go and then getting irritable and frustrated when it all starts to blur together into a lumpy alphabet soup of meaningless words and chunks of mystery meat. I envy people (that were gifted with concentration spans of more than your average Fantail or Comet) that can devour this sort of literature without having to resort to a piecemeal approach. How nice must it be to be them!

I interpose my exercise in mediocrity (insofar as all reading Nietzsche really does is underscore how stupid I am) with Playstation by pretend hunting hapless elk in a simulacrum western reality where I pick up faux-tuberculous and start to feel bad about my mass-murdering tendencies. I really enjoyed Red Dead Redemption 2… I’ve binge played it to (almost) completion, sacrificing sleep and sociability… and squashing that nagging feeling that I really should be doing something (with my life) that involves just a smattering more vitamin D.


I don’t think Nietzsche would have approved of Playstation (or indeed of Red Dead). But then again, Nietzsche went insane… probably because of a lack of blowjobs. Wait… that might have been Schopenhauer… I might be conflagerating my disgruntled Germans here. In any event I’m pretty sure blowjobs were frowned upon by the Lutheran Junkers at the time… so certainly we can’t rule it out as a potential cause of dementia.

Nietzsche is actually not my philosophy of choice. It’s waaaaay too cerebral for me. But I like to pick at it… or maybe poke it with a stick is more accurate. The one thing I really like about Nietzsche is… eh… was his unflappable belief that we can become something more than we are.

Man is something that shall be overcome… what is the ape to man? A laughing stock or a painful embarrassment . And just the same shall man be to the Ubermensch.

Although… to be fair, he says the coming of the Ubermensch is not assured. And the chances are good that we will fuck it all up. (to paraphrase)

On this me and Nietzsche agree. I think we have incredible potential… and I find it frustrating that we evolve so glacially. I am further annoyed (surprise!) by the fact that I am likely to die before we have even scratched the surface of our potential. But maybe my children’s children will be more ‘uber’ than we are currently. The graph is apparently pointing in the right direction (according to Steven Pinker anyway)

I can only hope. Like Zarathustra I’m am just a raindrop (a harbinger of sorts)

Behold, I an a herald of the lightning, and a heavy drop out of the cloud: the lightning, however, is the Ubermensch. 

And really… not even a very big raindrop.

Of course the stoic is me says… ‘why do you care about stuff like this… just concentrate on your own journey… all this other stuff is outside your sphere of influence’.

To which I reluctantly agree. I just don’t want to be viewed by the future as some unevolved knuckle dragger. (Insofar as we view our ancestors as quaint but generally quite dim) There is some ego there and the desire to please others.