Deluxe hugs

Ooooh… only $2.



Vaguely I wonder what comes with the deluxe hug? Perhaps more square inch of mammary gland surface area contact? I might be willing to pay for that. I quite like boobs pushed up against me. (Nice boobs I mean… I am less enthused about strange looking, lopsided boobs that point in opposite directions)

Comparatively I imagine the free hug is like the hug you’re forced to give that creepy relative… while internally reciting the mantra ‘Don’t kiss me on the mouth, don’t kiss me on the mouth’ (while at the same time trying to breathe… through your mouth)

The Deluxe Hug must be… like that all encompassing, grappling, bear hug that takes your to edge of asphyxiation/orgasm? Or maybe there is some form of sanitation that takes place between events. Be sure your hugger is hepatitis free, here’s his certificate. I might be willing to pay for that…

Do you think one still needs to factor in GST?


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