The definition of despicable

Humanity is getting increasingly dark. Here’s the evidence.

11 thoughts on “The definition of despicable

      1. Actually I read that 51% of people like Brussels Sprouts…. if you don’t like them, I dare say it’s because they aren’t being prepared properly. Most people overlook. They’re excellent raw in salads, btw.

        But also…. I don’t like those candies either, sooo….

        Oh and PS: I had the sprouts for dinner two nights ago 😉 yum-yum!!

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      2. Interesting. I didn’t know that. There are clearly a lot of strange people out there. Ha ha

        It may be in preparation. When I was in China I ate fried chicken testicles and they were pretty tasty. So…

        (I ate A LOT of weird stuff in China… raw horse meat… water beetles… snakes)

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