Project : Deadlift


I have never deadlifted. In fact until recently I’d never even picked up a barbell….

My perfect state of being (in my mind at least) was always 6.3ft/205lbs. Which is the upper limit of the light heavy weight division in an MMA tournament, which meant if I added any more muscle I’d quickly progress into the heavy weight tier… so its always been five mile runs, swimming and cycling to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Since I’ve stopped fighting (and gotten older), he says poking his midsection, things aren’t as… eh… tight as they used to be. In any event, my overall weight is less of a concern to me now. That and I’ve realized how weak I am. I was watching my ex-girlfriend (who is quite petite) dead-lifting (or maybe it was clean and press)… in some or other cross-fit event that she had posted to Instagram. I seem to remember it was about 110lbs. She made it look quite easy.

I wandered into the free-weights section at the gym the next day, loaded up a bar… and… had a very humbling and cathartic moment when I tried to deadlift 130lbs for reps. Ha ha.

I have since bought my own bar for my home gym… and have been buying two additional plates every month. I’m not sure what my goal is… maybe at least my own body weight for reps by the end of the year.

January 2019  (for 10 reps) – 50kg (110lbs)

February 2019 (for 10 reps) – 60kg (132lbs)

March 2019 (for 10 reps) – 90kg (198lbs) [there was some progression during the month]

April 2019 (for reps) –

May 2019 (for reps) –

June 2019 (for reps) –

July 2019 (for reps) –

August 2019 (for reps) –

September 2019 (for reps) –

October 2019 (for reps) –

November 2019 (for reps) –

December 2019 (for reps) –





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