6 thoughts on “Premonitions

  1. We went to the trash dump in Panama and somebody had left an old casket. I ask the kids “should we open it?” My youngest said, “what if there’s a body inside?” I asked her “what if there’s not?” Where did it go? It was super funny to talk about. I’m sure these archeologists are having fun with this.

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    1. I found a dead body in a dumpster once. That’s the extent of my urban archaeology. And a dead body on the toilet in full on rigor once. The emergency operator suggested I start mouth to mouth until the EMT’s got here. (which for obvious reasons I was quite reticent to do)

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      1. Yuggermortise. I used to do removals and sometimes it was better to just wait, rather than carry a bent and rigored body around corners and get them to stay on the gurney half on and half off. Fun times 💩 💩

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      2. The rigors of geometry. Ha ha. See what I did there. You chose a seriously tough occupation (thats like selecting ‘hard’ on your first game of life play through) Personally I prefer to ease my way through with the least amount of gore possible. Well… actually gore is ok. I draw the line at maggots though…


      3. I did learn words like mephitis and miasmic. That was a bonus. Maggots don’t bother me as bad as the stench. I’ve put vics under my nose many times. Neat trick.

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