Punchable features

One immutable truth I’ve realized during my tenure on this planet is that when you punch people in the face… they often want to punch you back. This rarely results in a meeting of the minds post event. In a physical bout between Reza Aslan… and the sixteen year old kid in the stupid MAGA cap… my money’s on the kid.


Of course… some people avoided the (pesky) escalation of violence that fisticuffs could lead to and called immediately for a more permanent solution in the form of the ol’ wood-chipper… I see there was a nod towards an expedient death however, insofar as they should go in head first, saving them the indignity (and potentially the awkwardness that might result in a blockage of the mechanism) of being fed feet first. In any event what a nightmare to clean up, I’m pretty sure Jack Morrissey didn’t think this one through. When in a genocidal frame of mind, I think gas chambers and ovens have been proven to be the most effective and efficient manner to expedite mass murder of this kind… but weirdly no one jokes about these as a means to an end anymore. That would be… eh… distasteful.

In any event. My personal opinion is that likely everyone involved is an asshole  (both left and right), although I’m inclined to give the kids in the video a pass. Being an asshole when you’re sixteen is par-for-the-course. I’m pretty sure I was an asshole until the tender age of 32. Now I’m more of a curmudgeon… at least this what I tell myself, I’m sure there are MANY who would disagree. Ha ha.

Other things I’ve learnt or wondered about from this…

  1. Fact checking by supposedly reputable journalists, news organizations and blue ticked influencers… does it ever happen? Or was this the exception to an otherwise pretty well adhered to rule?
  2. I felt well disposed to people that apologized when they decided that they got it wrong. But found myself feeling less well disposed to those that doubled-down… especially when their initial reactions had been quite virulent.
  3. Where are the peace loving hippies on the left? And why are they not being more vocal about clearly unacceptable behavior in among their own ranks? I’m convinced most people think calling on people (especially children) to be doxed is a really BAD, BAD thing.
  4. The ability to edit something so succinctly and generate such strong emotional reactions in people in such a short amount of time on such a global scale is truly staggering.



As much as I  have the capacity to think and comment about the sorts of things that divide and polarize Homo Sapiens, more of my Core Tenets can be found…




10 thoughts on “Punchable features

      1. It is so hard to report accurately even when you want to. I was on scene with reporters a hundred time Jo, and I’d see news reports if the event and they were always wrong—some really wrong. Second or third hand information is inherently wrong due to the foibles of human perceptions—or I was wrong, or just remember it differently. The biases that live inside us and manifest daily is a strange phenomenon.
        I do think you’re right though. It used to at least attempt accuracy. It’s all agendas these days.

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      2. I don’t think I mind so much if they get it wrong. I think that would be unfair of me to expect that… But correct the mistake. I hated the way front page exposes got retracted on page 5, and then usually only under threat from the courts (I use the past tense, because… you know… newspapers) But these days… in the five minute news cycle… sometimes it gets deleted. I guess what I hate the most is that you’ve identified your audience as a certain ‘type’ and pander towards that particular customer base.

        I guess, I just feel news should be this impartial, neutral factual event where the recipient gets to decide how he feels about it… instead of being manipulated one way or another.

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  1. It’s irritating that one-fifth of the story was told. How about the people who incited this whole thing? Oh wait. We can’t talk about them because they’re black and that might offend someone…. my god. This is why I don’t watch the news. Sensationalism and half-truths and thinly veiled agendas. I’m ashamed of the human race. Fucking ridiculous.

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    1. Agreed. There has been almost no condemnation of the Black Hebrew Israelites (I have seen very little). I really think people have lost their minds and that there is this mass psychosis going on.

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