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Saint Joeys Day

Happy Saint Joeys Day! (Patron Saint of lost causes and hopeless cases) Hope ya’ll have a particularly auspicious and caffeinated day.

The big FOUR Oh (my god). I made it! I don’t think that was necessarily a given. Glad to be here though. Yay me!

A decade ago (for my 30th) I hired out an old antique shop that had been converted into a club and threw a party and Dj’d for all my friends until the early hours of the morning. Ten years later I’d be happy just to go to bed early. Ha ha ha. How things have changed…


God, I was such a slut (looking at those pictures now)


Look at that smug (punchable) face.

Fast forward ten years, married, monogamous with two children. Who would have thought? Not me, certainly.


In fact Joey from ten years ago… and Joey today have very little in common anymore.

That Joey was was still a hardcore catholic. I use the term hardcore quite loosely since while being quite dedicated (and my best friend being a Catholic priest) I had also likely seen a lot of that parish naked. Weirdly I saw no hypocrisy in this or indeed how crazy my belief system was. Fast forward ten years and I’ve had a psychotic break with my faith, transferred through depression and then into militant atheism and finally settled comfortably into apatheism. Much better, in my opinion anyway.

That Joey was also likely center left (insofar as these sorts of labels matter). I likely teeter slightly more right these days… not because I think I moved… but I think the world moved around me. That me also had more faith in government and democracy in general. While present day Joey wraps himself in the mantle of libertarianism and is very skeptical of any hierarchical organization or indeed anyone who tells you how to live your life.

Also 2009 Joey started his day with Red bull and Ibuprofen. An fortunately coping mechanism from coaching in your own MMA gym and sparring night after night. Haven’t bloodied anyone up in years now.


We had some friends who were EMT’s who would patch us up after bouts. Certainly can’t do that anymore. I think violence is something you should probably grow out of. These days I start my day with bone broth and ten minutes of Headspace. (God. I’ve become such a hippie)

In any event I’m glad how things have panned out and glad to be alive.

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