February 2019

  1. New Personal bests

Been swimming 1km every other day alternating with a boxing themed 30 minute HIIT session. Plan on swimming 1mi sometime in March.

2. Kahn Academy


How amazing is Kahn Academy? I had no idea this existed before now.  I am enamored.


3. Perfect Month/February challenge/limited edition badges



4. Blog stuff

New Bitmap Image.jpg

(cause you know… likes = self esteem)


5. Heroes by Stephen Fry


This was awesome! I really enjoyed it. Well done Stephen Fry. Learned a lot. But… I am loathed to recommend it because… well… Greek mythology is not everyone’s cup of tea (I guess). Although… to be honest this is largely the lite (and very entertaining) version of all that Olympian incest, fratricide and rape culture. Personally I’m fascinated by the genre (I played Perseus in a school play once) and have always been an ardent fan.


6. Letters to a young contrarian by Christopher Hitchens

Its difficult to underscore how much I love Christopher Hitchens. Part of me is sad it is not narrated by the author. I sometimes like to imagine myself as contrarian. Although now, at forty (ergh) I can no longer be considered young. And as an ‘actual’ contrarian I am likely a fraud. The book however is short and punchy. I really liked it.

7. The view from the Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman


I know there is a rabid Neil Gaiman fan base that will likely come for me with pitchforks and (tiki)torches… but halfway through I was sooooooooooooooooo bored. I couldn’t finish it. I lackluster(ly) picked at it… for about a week after that… hoping things could be different between us… but I eventually gave up and trundled off to go kill stuff on Playstation instead. This likely has way more to do with me than the book. I have the attention span of


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