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I spend a lot (probably an inordinate amount) of time thinking about forgiveness. And by association restorative justice and how we as society mete out punishments for actions that are deemed ‘unacceptable’ behavior.

Enter stage right… Shamima Begum


‘I fucked up. And I want to come home’… is what she should have said.

And had she said that, I likely would have been more sympathetic towards her plight… instead she just came off as extremely unlikable and unrepentant.

But maybe we need to give her props for not lying about how she feels. *shrugs*

In the pros column

  1. Her parents are clearly fuckups eh… not moderates.
  2. Runs away from home at 16
  3. Three years of further indoctrination and brain washing in the balmy Syrian desert
  4. Plus two child deaths and the added PTSD of being bombed (probably fairly regularly) does not make for a great psychological stew.

In the cons…

  1. ISIS. Probably only one needed.

After all joining ISIS is not like saying something stupid on Twitter and then apologizing for it.

*makes a gurgling noise*

But… she has a new born… that… (through the fates) got saddled with that as a mother.

Also a non-combatant (as far as I can tell). I would however be reticent to have her as my neighbor. And if I don’t want her… why should anyone else have to? What are the realistic chances of rehabilitation and societal integration? (probably not high… but probably not 0% either)

But… there are people more compassionate than me. That likely would demonstrate some sort of humanism towards her and demonstrate that Western society(tm) can be merciful and benevolent. You know… all that righteous stuff we claim to stand for.

But on a cost to the taxpayer versus some perceived benefit that demonstrates benevolence and… cultural superiority (when measured against the culture of ISIS)…  actually have no idea what I would do.

Saint Helena has an airport now. Maybe Britain could just exile her there. That particular rock in the Atlantic has after all worked out in the past for troublesome guests likely to cause a hullabaloo in the future. And if that doesn’t work out… there’s always Australia *cough* *cough*

Of course Shamima Begum could just kill herself. Fall on her sword as it were and save us all this mental and ethical mathematics. Her child would undoubtedly be relocated to Britain as a result of her demise… which as far as I can tell seems to be her main concern. Everyone wins. Shamima’s sacrifice will undoubtedly be rewarded in the afterlife and the new born’s infant gets a shot at life… plus we don’t have to have divisive augments on social media about what is right.

Of course the whole Seppuku thing seems to be out of vogue these days. And while people talk a good game about abdication (in this case in a very final kind of way) for the greater good… there is rarely follow through.

I would… *sigh* likely vote for her to be allowed back. If these sorts of things were decided by committee or democracy or even just by me.

I’d likely spend the rest of life wondering if I made the right decision.


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