Constructive criticism


Thanks Red Hot Chili Peppers ninth studio album. I appreciate your feedback. Consider me admonished. I will now go outside and flagellate myself with a garden hose. (I tried doing it inside once, but once I got some momentum going I knocked a picture frame off the shelf and my wife shouted at me)

You made me smile though. And that’s the main thing. Kudos to you.




  1. Man. Sometimes I wish I could comment back to the robots. They’re hilarious. Actually, once on Instagram I had on DM me to say my writing was “uplifting” and “inspiring” and I wrote back and said that it was utterly obvious he never read ANY of my poetry. Then he came back and said I didn’t need to be rude and sarcastic with him. And that he “liked” it so he obviously read it. I told him I wasn’t being sarcastic. I said, I write about unrequited love, depression, self-harm, erotica and grief…. that’s neither “uplifting” nor “inspiring”. He apologized and never DMd (or liked) again. LMFAO.

      1. Its okay… I keep myself company (mostly by talking to myself… and then laughing at my own jokes) Ha ha. (see)

      2. Whatever. You have like a thousand followers… rabid fans… people who wait for your every post. You’re one of the cool kids in the wordpress canteen.

      3. Hahaha!! Actually no. It’s not real. I finally gave up on deleting fake followers. I truly have maybe twenty people who ACTUALLY read consistently. Maybe another dozen who pop in here and there. And then another twenty or so I’d say who “like” without reading. And then…. hundreds who don’t read at all. I wouldn’t say I have one single rabid fan, damnit. But really I am content. My hope was to impact the lives of maybe fifty people. I’m close to that and so I feel content.

        But I was referring to my actual real life… in that way, yes, I pretty much talk to myself, sharing jokes and laughing at them. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      4. Fifty is a good number. One day… when I’m big. My therapist says its good to have goals. Actually… now that I think about it… she NEVER says that… she doesn’t even have one of those chaise lounge chairs that you can kick back on and… this is total bullshit.

        If she weren’t so damn hot I’d definitely stop going to her.

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