I’m embarrassed to say that I have only ever been to one job interview in my life… and it was awful.

I saw this recently. Which was potentially even more awful.


This is/was (supposedly) part of the Amazon interview process.


Math… my only weakness. Well… math and bullets. (and maybe fire)

Although apparently you can solve this problem through logic…

Sufficed to say I could never work for Amazon. (My other deficiency’s not withstanding, I also struggle with child proof containers)

I likely would have answered. ‘I think they’re catching up to the rest of Europe’. And then laughed at my own joke.

(in my defense it is a capital P)

2 thoughts on “Poles

    1. You and your STEM brain coming in here and causing a ruckus… but you are also correct… for the purposes of my post it was cropped…lol… it didn’t actually occur to me that people would try and solve it

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