Purveyors of domesticated male bovine excrement

I have a love/hate relationship with twitter. I find it quite alluring in so far as it allows you access to the people you like… but I also find it all very Orwellean. Only George called it Newspeak.

‘Newspeak is a controlled language, of restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, a linguistic design meant to limit the freedom of thought’.

But obviously I have bias, my medium of choice being the more ‘long-form’ rant/tirade. Ie The blog. Which in of itself has its flaws (and also likely dates me). But then no medium is ever perfect.

Sometimes when I’m bored I like to search for people that I like. Which is often a mistake. You know that old chestnut; you should never meet your heroes. Well…You should DEFINITELY never (ever) follow your heroes on twitter. Their largely mundane, inane thoughts stripped bare, just left there to rot, like some bloated marine mammal… stop taking selfies and roll it back into the sea already. It’s grim. And often, a little sad. The ubermensch you admire is just a mensch. Twitter kicks Nietzsche in the groin. Nietzsche grits his teeth and mumbles something about ‘what doesn’t kill you…’. Twitter kicks him again. Nietzsche goes down. And stays down.


Still sometimes I do it anyway. Go onto twitter I mean. It usually starts to go sideways for me with their bio. *Joey rolls his eyes* Bio’s are often hilarious. But not because they’re funny. People either take themselves super seriously. Or attempt wit. It rarely works out that way. Personally I attempted wit… which is not really my forte…. but the alternative is egoism… or leave it blank. The latter seems quite anti-establishment.

Then there is the content. If anything social media has taught me that…

the internet is not all pornography.

But when you subtract the writhing naked humans out, all you have left seems to be the aggrandizement of self, bellicose jingoism, name-calling, carnival barking and hustlers. And… of the social media titans, twitter feels like the most concentrated tincture of all this. At least the pornographers are out there creating actual content. (albeit it warm and sticky)


I, of course, have been party to all of this. I don’t pretend to judge myself any less harshly for my complicity. Despite my all my reservations I have in the past been mean and combative for no reason.  I have gotten into ‘robust’ conversations with people who domicile under bridges, perhaps even venturing under an overpass myself now and then. I have ascribed ‘likes’ to things that would likely make me suck air through my teeth if reviewed now. I wish I could take it all back. But I can’t.

The internet doesn’t change you, rather it likely reveals who you really are. Which is quite frightening sometimes. Despite the veneer we like to portray to the world, underneath its often a rotting substrate barely holding everything together.

Sometimes I find it all very dystopian. (then again I lean towards pessimism)

I’ve have however realized that this medium seems to be the ONLY way to communicate with content creators whose work you like. You can send them an email, but chances, they will never get back to you. Some do write back and kudos to them. But for the most part your admiration just gets lumped together in a folder with spam and hate mail and eventually deleted.

This however leads to another problematic area for me; the compliment retweet. Someone says something nice about you and you immediately flaunt it to the world as some sort of achievement. #dopamine. Basically you’re high fiving yourself.  Authors are especially prone to needing this sort of affirmation it seems, especially newly minted authors. Established old hands don’t give a fuck. Whatever happened to graciously accepting a tribute? Or does everything piece of bric-a-brac tossed your way have to be displayed on your mantle-piece? Maybe just the most nauseatingly toadying ones?

I think the biggest issue I have though is the time it takes to manage all this hubris and shift through pages and pages of asinine drivel in search of something to make the economy of effort seem worthwhile. I’m not sure how people justify this? (says the guy who can easily loose an hour of his life on Reddit)

In any event on my deathbed I will undoubtedly be grateful for all the time I spent languishing on social media. Seems unlikely. But maybe I should just follow better people?

19 thoughts on “Purveyors of domesticated male bovine excrement

  1. i have been really struggling with this lately.
    I’m not on Twitter…just with Facebook, and what I think of WP as well.
    I went on quite a long FB break, but it really bothers me how out of touch I became with some people because of it.
    There are way too many good reasons not to be on some of those platforms.
    And i find that my need for caffeine has increased 🤪

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    1. I must be honest… I go through phases where I delete everything swearing never to go back. And then… I get bored… just a quick taste I tell myself… before I know it I’ve lost an hour of my life on instagram with nothing to show for it.

      The only one I’ve been able to swear myself off completely is FB. (Mostly because of my deep, deep, deep, deep, deep dislike of Mark Zuckerberg)


      1. This is just too relatable…ugh…
        and I share that deep to the power of five dislike of Zuckerberg. Sigh, I really should shut that sucker down. Same goes with google just generally. I have started using other products. That video I shared a while ago about smart metres…there is a snippet on there from an interview with Bill Gates where he is asked about privacy ethics and whatnot, and he made this joke that at least they weren’t using mind control technology…but then kind of under his breath he says, well that’s because the technology hasn’t been developed yet…

        er, shouldn’t someone be talking about this? Anyone?


      1. Aw thank you.
        I took a couple months away from things, other things going on and I just didn’t feel motivated to write much. I’m still trying to find my balance.

        No dingoes around here…we’ve got a few cute fluffy neighbourhood dogs around, but I have yet to see any of them show their dark side. I know it’s inevitable, but so far, so good.

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      2. Okay good. It was either a dingo or a rabid marsupial. Went with dingo… because… well, they steal babies.

        Balance… hmmm… if you have discovered any tricks during your sabbatical I’d be interested to hear about it.

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      3. Fortunately I am no longer baby size. But I really appreciate the concern.

        Ah tricks…let’s see…

        not a one.
        But I am sticking to my thing of I ain’t doing this to be rich and famous. Helps to eliminate a lot of BS. 😀

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      4. *looking around
        oh, you mean me?
        hahaha I guess I never think of Darrin as a “preacher”. I might have to start calling him that.
        Of course, BS could mean a lot of different things…er like…bile scrapings for example…
        but yeah, that is not what I meant 😁

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      5. Ok… I’ve spoken to the big guy (We’re pretty tight) and he’s agreed to overlook your momentary lapse in good Christian decorum.

        Actually he told me he doesn’t really care and he’s more about what people do than what they say…

        I was all like ‘woah, woah… if you let the little things slide…’

        But yeah to cut a long story short… looks like you’re getting a pass

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      6. hahaha thanks so much … this could be quite the conversation. I did actually laugh out loud at “we’re pretty tight” as I know you are an atheist, or am I wrong…agnostic?

        I’m curious how he “told” you…lol. Wait, maybe I should be more scared than amused 😀 Or maybe I should ask if medication is involved?

        haha really, thanks for the laugh. “the little things” oh humans, how we love scales and sliding rules and whatnot. But I have always been intrigued about what constitutes offensive language. I really think it depends on context…

        “good Christian decorum”… hahaha oh dear, let’s say, I have been in some interesting situations over the years…If we take away how subjective this can be, all I can say is a) I am grateful Jesus has a sense of humour and b) He is infinitely more merciful than any human (imho, of course).

        A long story hey? That’s hilarious. Thank you.


      7. I am… eh… I’m not sure. At the moment when faced with having to pigeonhole myself as one thing or another… I usually resort to describing myself as apatheistic. Which just smashes together Apathy and theism. I felt atheism was combative and for the most part just as dogmatic as some religions.

        Agnosticism feels very uncommitted and smacks of Pascals wager to me.

        So… I just live in a way I feel is correct now (whether that is divinely influenced or not)
        although I have no expectation of being rewarded for it… or indeed punished for it. I guess we will see what happens.

        As for the ‘Big guy’ speaking to me, its done in the usual way… pyrotechnic shrubbery. (old school monotheistic tradition)

        Besides, if God is indeed as imagined, the ultimate good guy, and indeed all seeing and omnipotent I think he can see where I’m coming from. Also I guess, in a world we act in accordance with our faiths specific doctrines… wouldn’t it be more impressive to lead a ‘good’ and ‘ethical’ life despite believing that there is no reward or compensation in the afterlife.

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      8. Hey, thanks so much for your interesting reply…I really did get a kick out of what you said before that, for a couple of reasons.

        But I really like the “apatheistic” thing…I didn’t mean to pigeon hole, or force you too either, I just thought I had seen it in a post of yours…a particular label I mean, but it is also very likely I have remembered it wrongly. Sorry.
        I love your response.

        I agree with your reasoning about atheism and agnosticism. Atheism especially in recent times it seems…perhaps this is where social media has really played a part?…my gosh…the militancy on display…from all kinds of camps…sigh…

        haha …yep…pyrotechnic display…this is why I like visiting your site LOL.

        And I agree…one shouldn’t be trying to live a “good” or “ethical” life just for the hope of reward. But that is not what Christianity teaches, God has taken care of that, there is nothing humans can do to “earn” the “reward” of heaven. It is freely given. Our motivation should only be love…forcing it, or doing anything kind for the sake of reward empties love of its power immediately. And Christ goes further than that, He says that we ourselves shouldn’t even know what good things we are doing…”do not let the right hand know what the left is doing…” or something…ha, the point being, keeping ego out of it. He says that those who make a show of their “good works” already have their reward…ie, human applause or whatever. They shouldn’t be expecting a standing ovation in heaven!

        The “reward” of heaven is never my motivation, imo, that is not biblical, and I am not interested in any spirituality that would teach that. It does bring comfort, and perspective, that whatever we have to deal with in this life is only temporary.
        But “earning” spiritual “rewards” leads to only one of two outcomes in this life: either self righteousness as certain subjective boxes are ticked off, or despair, when one realises what a hellish rabbit warren that is, of never knowing if we’ve done enough etc…and by whose standards, and guilt spirals etc.

        Anyway, I was planning to reply earlier when I clicked the like button, then realised I was late to a church meeting hahaha. So appropriate 😁

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      9. I aim to please. Although sometimes I just aim and hope for the best. (usually at 3am when its dark and I’m a little bleary eyed)

        Hmm. My experience of religion (and obviously I can only speak for myself) being a hardcore Catholic for 25 years is that once you start to peel back the facade it all seems to be gears of a very scary marketing campaign and that the spirituality component of the modern industrial ecclesiastical machine is a very small portion of it.

        I’m inclined to believe there are two types of devotees to any religion. The true adherents that have made a serious effort to understand their particular brand of dogma and those that are just providing a sort of lip-service that are there mainly there for the social aspect, the sense of belonging (to some sort of exclusive club) and the sense of community that brings… and maybe (while we at it) we can avoid eternal damnation (if someone ‘up there’ is keeping a church attendance register)… you know the parishioners that are cutting each other off in the parking lot after mass with obscene hand gestures. Ha ha. I think you’ll likely agree with me that the vast majority in any congregation is the latter, even though it is continuously communicated (as you say) you cannot earn your way into heaven through apparent piety (the pharisee at the front of the temple). The thing is that those attendees pay the bills… and so this construct is created around those people and you end up with this very weird twisted scaffolding which keeps the devotees mollified and in attendance.

        I’m pretty sure this is not what Jesus intended when he tasked Peter to be the rock on which the church got built. I wish he’d maybe been a bit more specific. Jesus, I feel was always a little light on details. (or rather the authors of the gospels were…) but anyway, I just feel a few caveats on what exactly the ‘church’ shouldn’t be would have gone a loooooong way. Huge, opaque, world spanning mega-corporation that codify a set of kooky rituals was likely NOT what he had in mind. But thats what he got (who then went off a little down the road and genocided entire continents in the name of christian imperialism) and then schism’d into a million factions, each one claiming some sort of superiority in understanding the word of God over the other (you know for marketing and differentiation purposes).

        So here we are. I really think Christian spirituality has likely peaked and will likely decline over the next hundred… two hundred years into obscurity. Which I think is quite sad… because that vacuum that is created is difficult to fill. (trust me I know) Its also why I feel the world feels so messed up at the moment, because instead of seeking meaning through spirituality people are looking to give their lives meaning in other ways. Add social media into the mix and you start to get these strange social justice crusades.

        I sort of decided to step away from what everyone else was doing, and indeed telling me what to do and go it alone. I think God (if he exists) would likely appreciate my reasoning and since he can see all intentions perfectly is likely okay with my decision. (even if that decision is flawed, as far as I gather we are judged by our intentions) Assuming he’s the new testament God… and not still angry God of the first inch of bible. Of course he might be angry that I didn’t necessarily believe in him… in which case I will apologize.

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      10. I hear what you are saying, and if you hadn’t mentioned your Catholic history that would have been the first thing I would have asked you…were you raised Catholic by any chance?…

        haha I appreciate the description of the different adherents…that parking lot scene…LOL. Interesting thing though, it isn’t the ones giving lip service that pay the bills…in our experience anyway. It’s the small band of seemingly genuine attendees that contribute the most, and I don’t just mean monetarily. They do so much for the community at large, so does my husband…I think the average person might be amazed at how much people outside of the church turn to the church when they have no one else. They just don’t talk about it.

        But anyway, I don’t have the time right now. You’ve made such important points, I will try to email later?


      11. *force you to either
        in the spirit of being grammatically ethical I see I made a spelling mistake…probably one of many errors…I blame my keyboard which has been weird lately 🤓


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