While not really what one might term ‘an ardent enthusiast’ of the sacred texts, I feel there are some notable exceptions. For example…

New Bitmap Image.jpg

‘Do not  follow a multitude to do evil’, Exodus 23:2

Which is such a great line. And generally speaking… good advice (in my opinion).

Less of a fan of what comes before it. Beating your slave with a rod is okay… as long as they can recover within two days. Also, if you should accidentally hit a pregnant woman while fighting… and she goes into labor prematurely as a result… if the baby is fine, no foul. BUT…

… if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life.

Those two precepts have aged… eh… less well than the first I feel. I am however not a bible scholar. I tried it once, but was pulled aside after the second evening and asked kindly by the wizen layperson who chaired the circle not to come back. I think she figured me for being too adversarial. (I really wasn’t). Or maybe I just ate too many of the free cookies. (this actually seems like a more reasonable gripe)

Cookie monster.jpg

Nom nom nom. Cookies!


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