March 2019

  1. New Personal bests


I’m up to about 1.3km in the pool and about 410 cal on my 30 minute HIIT.
2. Perfect Month/February challenge/limited edition badges


2. Kierkegaard for Beginners by Donald D. Palmer (Kindle)
Hmm. I’ve realized these ‘For Beginners’ books aren’t necessarily of uniform quality. This one disappointed me. I suppose its all subjective (there may be a pun in there). I’ve always liked his level of kookiness which boils along while everyone else simply simmers. But I felt it could have been better.
3. Ayn Rand by Andrew Bernstein


I enjoyed this one more than Kierkegaarde (I bought them at the same time) Even though… Kierkegaarde (generally speaking) feels more interesting to me than Objectivism. I’ve been struggling through Atlas Shrugged for what feels like forever. I find there is no joy in reading it and so I am loathed to pick it up and make headway. I felt particularly treacherous reading this one though. Like I’d picked up the study-guide of a book I was supposed to be writing a test on.

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