9 thoughts on “Green deal

      1. LOL – Alaska, even before it was “legalized” had the (I believe unspoken) rule that as long as you had less than four ounces in possession you were fine. Over four ounces and it was assumed you were illegally selling/distributing. And in fact, many times if you were caught growing, law enforcement would pull your plants (and take them with them *wink-wink*) with nothing more than a warning. In fact, I had a friend who would grow in his bathroom by also a couple plants in the front living room so that when they were nearing harvest (when the smell becomes VERY strong) he would put those plants in the window where they could be seen, thus prompting law enforcers to come pull those plants. The assumption being that the strong smell was from the front plants and not all the ones in the bathroom. LOL Tricky. Now, it is legal to have a certain number in flower and growing. So I can legally grow my own as long as I don’t sell it. Though to be honest, I could care less if it’s legal or not, I’d still grow it.

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  1. Here in Washington the bubble of isolation is pretty insulated. I forgot it was not legal nearly everywhere. Pretty dumb making it a criminal product. There’s a lot of money in contract prison facilities now days. And money ya know, is big.

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