Llama poetry

There are A LOT of people writing and self-publishing poetry out there. Some of it is really good. (some of it… I don’t understand, but wandering round frowning and/or perplexed is not that unusual for me)

I’ve also just finished Legends of the Samurai by Hiroaki Sato. The samurai class appreciated the duality of being both martial and cerebral and spent as much time contemplating verse as they did practicing their sword form. And while I am neither particularly martial, or particularly cerebral… I thought I would give it a go anyway…


There once was a man from Peru.

Who owned several pairs of shoes…
And a habitually angry Llama.
Yes, that too.

The thing was a beast!
It wasn’t that bad…
A finger and thumb are all that remain, of that chance encounter in the pen that day.

Oh Ned won’t you please, relate for me that tale, of you and that Llama, on that fateful May day.
Well… The Russians were marching… of that I am sure…
And I heeded not the warnings of local (and ancient) lore

I reached out to pat it… But little did I know, the thing was of violent temperament…
And I was a little slow.

It lashed out… quick as a flash… and that… as they say, was that.
Oh I howled and I cried for all that it helped…
My fingers it swallowed with a smile and a belch.

So should you ever go down to the pens one day…
Remember old Ned… and turn the other way.

Not exactly Robert Frost with his divergent thoroughfares… but I’m giving myself a gold star on my (ample) forehead for effort anyway. Yay me!

30 thoughts on “Llama poetry

    1. I am going to go ahead and accept your complement without asking what a dickfore is. Because I know if I ask the joke will be on me.

      So thank you for your kind words. Always appreciated. I’d also like to thank the academy….

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      1. Awwwww you poor dear!! You can be anything you want! You are a star shining in the heavens! Brighter than the glitter in my eye! You write poetry about llamas and fingerless hands better than any other person named Joey that I’ve ever met! Yay you!!! Green Star ⭐️ for effort! Red Star ⭐️ for boldness! Blue Star ⭐️ for attendance!!!!

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      2. Ha ha. Thanks I feel better now. *puts down the pink disposable razor blade*

        In all fairness I was getting pretty tired of sawing at my epidermis.

        Seriously… how does one self harm with one of these?

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    1. I often find I have to reward myself… because everyone else is sucking air through clenched teeth or mouthing the words ‘oh my gosh’

      See what I did there. *Joey gives himself a thoughtful silver star for avoiding blasphemous language*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No… apparently my blog is quite crass (one of my recent comments, that I cried myself to sleep over) so in keeping with the general theme I’ve decided to disable the bleeping feature. You know… to thine own self be true… etc.

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