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Fundamental Joeyism

Revenge of the black Llama

This poetry stuff isn’t so hard. Think I’m getting the hang of it…


Once upon a Wednesday dreary
back when women were scarce… and sheep still quite leery
There rode into town, riding a black old Llama, a wandering Berber
whose name was Mustafa

The Llama looked tired, his eyes were all glazey
The Berber was a tad hefty and (apparently) pretty damn lazy.
He dug in his spurs, as he hit the poor Llama, he was somewhat foul tempered
and was craving a shawarma

‘You damn miserable cur I should have gotten a camel’ raged the Berber as he dismounted and then booted the mammal
He tied the sullen beast outside to a post
and then stalked off in search of that delicious spinning roast

It was the straw that broke the Llamas back.
He was angry now. And that was that.
There is nothing quite as scary I can tell you right now
As what that Llama did to Mustafa in the middle of downtown

Mustafa came back feeling content… and quite fat
He didn’t even notice the Llama was angry, until it spat…
but it didn’t end there for that was not his fate
for years of abuse had filled that Llama with hate
it bit him, and knee’d him and trampled his ribs
and alas to this day Mustafa will never have kids

So if its not quite clear to our dear readers as yet…
Please treat your Llama with the utmost respect

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