Ha ha. This comic speaks to me. When I was 20 I broke my foot in grappling competition. Compound fracture with one of my metatarsals sticking out through the top of my foot. (in a display of, now unrepeatable, hardcore-ness I drove myself to the ER) I spent three days in hospital and got a shiny stainless steel pin as a souvenir. But made a remarkable recovery.

Now at the venerable age of 40, the flu takes me out for two weeks. Ridiculous.


11 thoughts on “Milestones

    1. Heya. Yeah I am. The progenies are little petri dishes of small pox and ebola. (probably not… but thats what it feels like when they pass on their maladies to their poor hapless dad)

      Besides we all know Man-flu is, in every way, far more devastating than regular-flu.


      How are you? Are you behaving yourself out there?

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      1. Yes. I’m doing this for the future of mankind. Its very altruistic (when I think about)… Somebody has to step up and save the planet (and while it is definitely not me, I’m rolling the dice of possibility with the future generation)

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      2. Ha ha. Altruism… masochism… it all starts to blur into one.

        But you’re welcome! (nice to be thanked once in a while) Christians are so nice.

        Almost like Canadians.

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