‘We don’t need no water…’

I am fascinated by ideological hypocrisy. I’m also fascinated by the occasional ingrown leg hair and how wickedly infected they can get when left to their own devices… so really my benchmark for fascination is relatively low


I have however recently (in moments of levity) been wondering why the Taliban and ISIS dynamited ancient statues, destroyed literature and generally took a dim view of anything Western … but hoarded US Dollars and paid the wages of their adherents in the much vaunted and hallowed USD, the currency of their most hated enemy.

Isn’t this ink saturated paper as Western Capitalist as it gets? I realize this is likely quite subjective but  I’m struggling to think of another more representative icon. In any event, surely this particular currency should have been accumulated and then bonfired en masse on the pyre-of -principle™, coupled (obviously) with the ubiquitous chant of ‘Death to America’ and people firing their Ak-Su’s into the air.

Nothing says fuck you, like burning another nations currency. Assuming that countries currency still has some perceived value. Burning Zimbabwean dollars or Venezuelan Bolívar (for any reason other than to keep warm) seems a little silly.


‘Its not about money, its about sending a message’ – The Joker


6 thoughts on “‘We don’t need no water…’

    1. I had to google Bacha bāzī. Ha ha. How did you get so smart that you know these obscure terms… I am impressed the length and girth of your mind. (as usual)

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      1. Do they lead to a house made of gingerbread… because if they do… I’m totally there! (like a bear) Wait… I may be getting my Grimm fairy tales all muddled.

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      2. Girl and a Serial killer are walking through a dark and scary forest. Girl says to the Serial Killer ‘I’m scared’. Serial Killer says, ‘You’re scared? I have to come back alone this way’.

        You reminded me of this joke.

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