Monstrous Jellyfish


I’ve never really thought of myself as a monstrous jellyfish… but then again maybe I have a self-awareness problem? (to go with all my other problems)


I’m adding it to the list of things I need to discuss with my therapist. We’re going to CBT the hell out of this in our next session.

14 thoughts on “Monstrous Jellyfish

    1. I suppose it depends on if we see ourselves as a sum of all the parts… or just a brain with ancillary support structures… or indeed just a trapped soul looking to get through this… what is life again? A proving ground? Ethical obstacle course? πŸ˜‰

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      1. What is life again? Isn’t it about Lego? So much fun, and all good things, but darnity darn if you step on it.

        um, for me, definitely the sum. fascinating.
        Oh, and love. I want to think it’s love. but our default position seems to mostly be hate, or something.
        “you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means” humans.

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      2. I do LOVE lego. And building stuff. And little yellow hued people (to whom I am a benevolent dictator), I am even inclined to forgiven them their ‘caltrop-ic’ ways.

        I tend to oscillate between positions. Sometimes its the sum of the parts…. sometimes I muse there are no parts and we’re all living in a computer simulation. I am very irresolute it seems on deciding on something and then sticking with it.

        Humans are weird beasts, having great capacity for either end of the emotional range, be it love or hate. Sometimes we are able to display both within minutes of each other… apparently with no inclination that what we are doing is massively inconsistent with the doctrine we like to believe we live by.

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      3. caltrop-ic… indeed! lol.

        Humans are weird beasts…effected by all of those insanely complex parts that make up the sum. 😁 If it’s a computer simulation…whoever those programmers are, they must be chuckling at us using 3-D printers and thinking we are amazing. πŸ€”

        Hey! Coffee time! Ugh, makes me so happy.

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      4. I’ve given up coffee for lent. Well… lent more or less coincided with my idea to try and give up coffee. The first couple of days were ROUGH!! But I think I’m over the hump now.

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      5. True. Decaf is no longer the bottle of carcinogens it used to be. I’m still not entirely comfortable with the chemicals they use to extract the caffeine from the beans though. (look at me I’m sounding like one of those science denialists) Ha ha.

        It’s been a really hard slog. In a display of masochistic intent I plan on tackling refined sugar next. *cue dramatic music*


      6. I’m not comfortable about it either…but there are other processes as well. Apparently.
        haha and don’t be confused, you sound the opposite πŸ™‚

        Go for it! I have had to go dairy and sugar free, and it is hard at first, but really, now when I have anything sweet, I am really not liking it. I am craving milk, because i like it in my tea and coffee, and iced coffee etc, but it is way too sweet for me now.
        Cake. is my weakness. but so far so good.


      7. I saw this cool comic the other day. Wish I could find it now because you would appreciate it. God is talking to one of his more bureaucratic angels, going through the news of the cosmos and the angel says to God, ‘and in other news humans are now turning almonds into milk’ . God looks at the angel incredulously and says, ‘I have them… like 8 animals they could get milk from?!?!’ The angel shrugs.

        Cheesecake. And any form of bread. These are basically my kryptonite.

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      8. hahaha Gah! I know, right?!?! Ugh…I asked the doctor about that, I am going to a new guy who is way more cluey, but anyway, he said when it comes to dairy it is normally the protein that is the problem, not the sugar. But that is where it gets tricky with milk processing, becuase it seems that the enzymes and whatnot that we need to help digest everything is what we keep destroying…

        Oh cheesecake. And bread. I so hear you

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