Can’t keep a (good) wyrm down


I don’t post a lot of cutesy feel good stuff… probably because it messes with the finely crafted misanthropic realm I prefer to dwell in, bereft of sunlight and optimism. (I should probably work on that at some point)

To be fair this panel is a little light on backstory. How exactly did this dragon loose his wings… was it putting some poor hapless village to the torch, or something more benign… like hotdogging through a canyon? Backstory matters to me, since it directly affects my ability to deploy empathy (like a caltrop)… it also gives me a chance to minimize my tabs and appear interested.

Years of D&D have to taught me one thing. Well… actually two things. The air in an enclosed spaced filled with boys rolling dice for twelve hours can get fairly rank. And Smaug getting taken out by a single black arrow is a little far fetched. #justsaying JRR Tolkien.

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