Devil bread


Three stars is still pretty good… if you consider the satanic aura of the baked goods (usually a deal breaker for me).

While evil spirits aren’t really my area of expertise I did have a notion that maybe it wasn’t necessarily Mephistopheles whispering into your ear… but rather the ghosts of your ancestors telling you to go Paleo.

Although if anything is going to lead you down the path to damnation… might as well be bread.  


15 thoughts on “Devil bread

  1. Bahaha where on earth did you find this?
    oh dear, I shouldn’t laugh. I do love that it evidently didn’t stop her from buying the bakery products…but I have been in places that have truly creeped me out, I just never thought a bakery would be one of them 😉

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    1. Things I stumble upon when I’m supposed to be working…

      I must admit I slept in a hotel that had been a old prison fortress back in the heyday… the cells had been converted into rooms but that creeped me out.

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      1. So funny. Maybe there are things I’m less sensitive to, but. An aura in a bakery or restaurant…😳
        If I’ve felt uncomfortable there’s a reason that I can pinpoint. And as I read it, it had the same thought as you. They probably need to stay away from baked goods lol

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      2. I mean I sometimes hear the chocolate chip cookies whispering to me… But a cacophony of complex carbohydrates (Check out that alliteration) is a little far fetched.


  2. That review should churn up an interesting customer base. I think (as usual) the evil resides in the writer of that review—a little projection goes a long way when ones closets are so deep—and hidden

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    1. Do you think satanists are an untapped niche market? Always imagined them more carnivorous than admirers of the simple carbohydrate. Maybe I’m typecasting tho.

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      1. I’m guessing that the victors wrote the history. Who wanted us to have knowledge vs who has suppressed it all these years? Who claims over and over their god is good, but we see scant of it in the Bible. The relevant parts of the Bible could be published in a pamphlet, while the rest of it is breeding grounds for division. Satanist are cool, but they don’t talk much over this stigma thing…

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