Stuff of nightmares


You know in 1984 when Winston is tortured with his biggest fear? Having something crawl into my ear canal and lay its eggs there is definitely mine. Okay, top five at the very least…. because I just imagined something crawling up my urethra and laying its eggs. Seriously, you don’t really even have to torture me, I’ll tell you anything you want to know (for a cheeseburger).

Okay, off to dip my junk in a complex mixture of  antiseptic and turpentine. Gotta be sure.


12 thoughts on “Stuff of nightmares

  1. Hey there swingin’ bachelors
    Are you tired of the steady drip
    Drip, drip of Gonorrhea?
    Then Peter Rooter’s for you
    Peter Rooter, that’s the name
    You just flush your troubles
    Down the drain
    Rotten Peter, rotten Peter, rotten Peter
    Read more: Cheech And Chong – Peter Rooter Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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  2. There was an old movie that I saw when I was a young child, I have no idea what it was but one part stuck out for me. A worm hade crawled into someone’s ear and it made its way through his brain by eating it while he agonized in pain for how many days it took. All I remember is the screaming and why. 😳 so it’s a fear of mine too

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    1. I was thinking the other day how some movies that we watched when we were young and impressionable have stuffed us up right into our adult lives. Jaws, for example gave me a life long fear of sharks. The original IT gave me an insane fear on drains… etc

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      1. Lol. I watched it the other day. It hasn’t aged well… I imagine you like scary movies? I can’t handle them at all. I’m such a wuss


      2. For some reason I just imagined the Shining. [smashing the door to bits with an axe] Wendy, I’m home! I hope it wasn’t really like this

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      3. Nice people find other nice people. 🙂❤️

        Eh, I think you get such a one dimensional view of me honestly. And with our emails maybe you get more depth with some edges of other things. But I say spend a week with me, you’ll see the damage I exist with.
        I do feel nice. 😛


      4. That is true. Maybe I should rephrase. You seem nice and functional… And for the most part (as far as I can tell) not bitter and angry. Which is pretty amazing. I get grouchy and moody and I had a great childhood.

        I’m amazed by people that rise above their circumstances. I don’t think I could. I find that strength of character more appealing than any other quality.

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      5. Thank you. There’ve been the hell years. My sarcasm has been a most vital tool for me and as I’ve grown up I’ve learned to wield it in better ways. And if that’s one of the last remaining outward things I have, I’m content with that.
        The basic gist of it is there came a point in my mental and philosophical evolution that I surpassed the people who hurt the little girl. That right there was a phenomenal turning point while I existed in the awareness of it. Now, it’s just what is.
        I do get a little snarky though lol


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