Part of me (the part that I don’t necessarily like or agree with all the time) thinks I should celebrate milestones. The other part pauses mid-fork-to-face to offer a dismissive ‘Why do you even care?’, before stuffing another well soaked maki roll into his mouth. Right now I’m probably more concerned with his use of this western utensil in such a heretical manner… although his boorish application of soy sauce (albeit low sodium) to his sushi is likely also a point of concern.

And so I oscillate between pretending not to care… and… whatever the polar opposite of that is. In any event, I got this yesterday…


I suppose it was bound to happen eventually… but in all honesty, followers just stoke my anxiety levels. I soothe the rampant concern that people might be reading my stuff by quickly convincing myself that for the reality of ‘actual’ readership (ie people who are not just looking for a reciprocal follow and immediately mute you, bots or those people just trying to sell you something) you should likely divide this number by ten.

Ten seems like a much more manageable number.

And so to you ten wonderful followers, despite wondering what is wrong with you that you can bear to sift through this garbage (especially the libertarian stuff) every day I would like to say… thank you. You guys are pretty cool. And I’ve learnt something from new from each and every one of you.

Hopefully y’all are having a particularly auspicious day. Live long and prosper. Motherfuckers.

10 thoughts on “100

  1. Well considering I myself am a libertarian… I like those posts too. I wish I had one hundred real actual followers. That would be cool, huh?? Maybe someday. I think first I need to stop writing shit and then get my shit together… maybe I can turn it into flowers instead??

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    1. I never knew you had libertarian tendencies. I knew I liked you for a reason! Ha ha. I think there’s this whole marketing philosophy of gaining traction and making it big and that magical number is supposed to be 100 true fans. I haven’t read the book, but I think that’s the gist of it. I wish you 100 true fans Tara. So you can be big (and then fly me to come visit and show me the Orcas)

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  2. 70% of followers never read. Lucky them. I’m approaching 600 now but really that’s about 80 that actually show up now and then. Fings Tools and Compressors probably is just trying to trade his follow for a tool sale. But I’m only guessing.

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    1. Wow. That is a lot of followers. You atheists and your echo chambers. ha ha.

      One day I will be big like you. And then I will dance (the snoopy dance of happiness). Okay, probably not.


      1. WP is where blogs come to die. Unlike most echo chambers mine is all original content based on my observations. That’s why I like your site. I really unlike posts that link all kinds of others stuff. I can get that on the web anywhere. Nice work Jo
        As far as blogs dying, my exercise is nearly complete and my objectives met. I have indeed cracked the nut of ontology

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      2. Thanks 😀 You really know how to butter me up.

        Really? You have some end point or final post in mind? Wow… thats… eh… unusual. That you have an objective I mean.

        Your originality does impress me though. I have very few original thoughts. I mostly just put spin on other peoples stuff. Much easier…

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