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Versatile Blogger Award

How do these things work again?

Thank you so much insert name here for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.
The Rules
1. If you are nominated, Congratulations you have been awarded the Versatile blogger award.
2. Thank the person who gave you the award and include a link to their blog.
3. Select 10 -15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
4. Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Okay go it.

Thank you EC for the nomination. Yay me! You are correct I am amazingly versatile and totally deserve this award.


EC, you are one of the most beautiful people I know (on the inside). On the outside you ain’t bad either I suppose. If you like that sort of thing. Love your blog. And love you too. Long time.

Um. I don’t actually follow that many people since I’m quite self-involved and insular. Let me do two categories though. I would like to nominate the following peeps in the category of,

Scandinavians I follow. They’re not all about Hygge and socialism. 

Michelle Louring – A Danish writer. Check out her amazing COSPLAY costumes. Really brilliant. She also likes Terry Pratchett (which cements her in my mind as a most excellent person). She also owns a dwarf owl. Her coolness cannot be understated.

Poor Bjorn’s Notes to Self – I really like people who constantly take themselves out of their comfort zone and try to grow and learn new stuff. A man after my own heart. We also read A LOT of the same books, often at the same time.


Old people who are probably going to die soon (but because of their advanced age have acquired wisdom that they are not afraid to inflict on other people) …

TheCommonAtheist – I really like Jim and he has become a friend. I’m sure he’s joking about the restraining order and reporting me to the State Department. Have you unblocked me yet?

Archon’s Den –  A recent discovery. Haven’t had a chance to really dig deep yet. But looks interesting, and I think we likely have a lot of common interests (just from my cursory look so far)


Anyways EC did her own questions, so here they are…


1. How many years must a mountain exist before it is washed to the sea?

Tough one right off the bat. Joey tends to aim to the left (he does this with most things, except when going to the bathroom, where… in all honesty things could go either way). When he isn’t edging things into the bleachers I mean. I was actually trying to turn this into an analogy that could be read as either cricket or baseball, demonstrating some claim to globalism and multiculturalism… but it’s not really working out for me.

As for the mountain, I’m going to go with existence is not a predicate. I like quoting Kant in real life. Because… well… I get to say Kant. (which with my accent and inflection sounds like a worse word that isn’t usually socially acceptable)


2. Is there life on Mars?

I’m going to go with yes. And no. Was there life on Mars? I think there probably was at some stage in a microbial sense. Yes… if someone asked me this under duress. Mars has a lot of things going for it, in terms of being able to support life (or indeed having had the ability to support life)… it also has a lot of things going for it in terms of NOT being able to support life. Like, for example, a limited internal dynamo to create a magnetic field without which, solar winds have battered the planet for a couple of billion years.


3. Where is my mind?

I usually pretend its sitting between my ears, protected by an above averagely thick cranium, a fortunate, or maybe unfortunate evolutionary circumstance that is derivative of having absorbed A LOT of blunt force trauma in my life. I used to be a boxer. Whether that mind is indeed still completely functional after all that shaking is open to debate. I imagine its probably looking like one of those animal fetuses that got left too long in the formaldehyde jar in the biology lab. Cloudy.


4. Have you ever seen the rain?

I have. I also live in Africa and so never ‘miss the rains’ down here. Like everything here even the weather is violent and trying to kill you. Not always, sometimes it tries to lull you in a false sense of security with rainbows and spectacular sunsets, before getting drunk and unruly and unleashing its darker side. Being older and less inclined towards electrocution I go inside now when weather threatens and never test the Modjadji magic by flying kites or standing in open fields with a pike.

As an interesting aside my house has actually got a faraday cage built into it because its been struck by lightning so many times. Clearly Zeus has it in for me.


5. Why can’t I be you?

Well… you probably can. Although if you wore me as Joey-suit, assuming it wasn’t damaged beyond the point of repair (I am unlikely to go quietly) you’d probably struggle with all the extra space. I’m six foot three inches and over two hundred pounds, so you might have to do some alterations. Otherwise, when interacting with people just be really difficult and abrasive. Take extreme umbrage whenever anyone tells you what to do. Change your mind about stuff really often, at least several times a day. Hold people to a higher standard than you do yourself and make this pathetic mewling noise when you have to do something, but don’t really want to. I think that’s all the key points covered.

6. Who knows where the time goes?

I have no idea. I really want to know though… so I can crawl in there and drag it back out by its ankles and give it a good talking to. Having recently hit the big four oh (my god) I am suddenly more aware that my time is running out… and as the analogy goes, being over the hill, you are likely to gather speed rolling down towards your terminus point.


7. Why can’t we do it in the road?

Eh… well, gravel for one. Also yesterday was leg day, so I’m hobbling around like a sodomite today. It makes Joey a lot less adventurous. Maybe if you do all the work. And I can bring a pillow for my head.

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