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Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it

Fundamental Joeyism

En passant

Illegal chess moves.png

Eke out any advantage you can I say. Hmm. Every so often you read something thats meant to be allegory but instead makes you tilt your head ever so slightly as you consider. ‘Wait… I haven’t done this have I?’ (I used to take my tabletop gaming incredibly seriously) Although these days my board game defeats are resolved with a modicum more propriety.

I do however, have the dubious distinction of getting into a fist fight during a chess match once. (while I was still at school). I don’t even remember what it was about… although I have a suspicion this guy vandalised my locker or something (the things that used to vex us) so there were already some unresolved issues and a simmering need for retribution.

In all fairness, it wasn’t that much of a fight, but there were some punches exchanged and a table or two was flipped.  As an interesting aside chess players don’t try break you up…  this being quite a novel experience for them they have no idea what they should be doing. Usually you can safely rely on someone to hold both protagonists back, there is some verbal exchange, perhaps inferring something obscene about the others female progenitor… some more posturing… but for the most part both parties can save face, because, well… there are people holding you back. While the details of our conflict are sketchy, I distinctly remember being on top of him and thinking… ‘shouldn’t this be over already… now what?’. 

In any event, don’t feel too bad for that kid, he went on to become this big time… I want to say, rapper… but maybe it was hip-hop… whatever, he moved to London and became a pound millionaire a couple of years out of school and then (basically) retired at age twenty five. Married a super model, flew his whole wedding party to Corfu… the whole nine yards. One of those people you shouldn’t necessarily follow on social media.