Harold Ho is my hero. First grade and already fighting the good fight. Fight them on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the hills and the classrooms. Never surrender Harold! I often like to channel (and paraphrase) Winston Churchill in important matters of principle or when faced with a wave of overwhelming darkness… like when filling out my tax-return, unfortunately, unlike Harold, I usually capitulate relatively soon after my little diatribe. Mostly because I don’t want to be dragged out of my domicile by men with guns and then have the structural integrity of my sphincter stress tested in the communal showers of some grey cinderblock building*. There is opportunity cost in being principled.

*I like to pretend that I’m cute enough to warrant the attention of other prisoners. Although sometimes I also worry that maybe I’d just be left alone with not even a catcall from the most desperate or lecherous inmate. ‘God, prison is just like real life’.

In any event, good luck Harold. Don’t let them break you. Like they broke me.

4 thoughts on “Refocus

    1. Yeah, I also despise public schooling and their desire to turn everyone into the uniform gray automatons with no desire to think for themselves. Gah! Upsets me.

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