1. Ok good. Glad I could help. 😀 Existential dread is the WORST!

      Ok… A urinary tract infection is the worst. But existential dread a close second.

      1. Fortunately, the logical part of my brain knows it’s just because I didn’t get more than 3 hours of sleep.

        It’s important to consider whether life really is pointless or if you simply need a nap.

      2. Ha ha. I still lean towards pointless. But naps do help to lessen the pain.

        More sleeping less reading Michelle… or writing…

      3. Today’s sleep deprivation was brought on by agreeing to go watch Avengers: Endgame way too late last night.
        And seeing how I’m currently at the office, a nap might not be the best approach at the moment.

        Life might be pointless, but people still expect me to do it!

      4. Oh cool! Avengers is also a little pin prick of light in an otherwise dark expanse. Agreed, falling asleep at your desk in a puddle of your own drool is a less than stellar work ethic. Trust me on this… I’ve done it… ha ha. Although I am the boss… so no one can really say anything. Although I feel their silent judgement

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