Gang signs


I’m so confused.

I mean… thats not necessarily an uncommon condition to find myself in. Maybe I should rephrase that. I’m more confused than usual. Thats likely a better (and more honest) statement of being.

Is this kid a white nationalist?

Depending on orientation this used to mean ‘Ok’ right? Like when you need to signal your dive buddy 30ft underwater that despite your phobic fear of sharks, confined (dark) spaces and drowning, everything is awesome. (did that analogy sound overly personal?)

And then there was that game (at school*) where if you make this symbol below the waist and your friend looked at it you could punch them in the arm. (I think this is what this is, but wether kids still interact in this violent fashion is an unknown)

*I tried this at work recently. It seems people have forgotten this social convention and now look at you aghast… before tromping down the passage towards HR. Calling them a wuss doesn’t help your case either. #justsaying.

Apparently it can… eh… does (also) mean White Power? I mean that hospital gown looks pretty fleck tarn to me… and he’s white. So maybe. I mean who am I to judge the gang signals of another.

I think it’s just safer not to make any gestures… ever. And certainly don’t be photographed or filmed making them.

11 thoughts on “Gang signs

      1. I’m actually not sure what we use. We famously had that guy at Nelson Mandela’s funeral who was translating for Barak Obama and other world leader who was just making sign language up as he went along. If you want South Africa in a nutshell… that for me, is the quintessential South African story. Roflmao.

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  1. I really need to pay more attention… I honestly thought this sign *just* meant “Okay”.
    I suppose it’s a good thing I didn’t know. That must mean I don’t hang around white supremists on a regular basis.
    (I hope…)

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    1. Ignorance is bliss. Or the armor of purity. And I know how you feel about armor! In fact I was thinking about getting you some full plate for your birthday 🎁


      1. Full plate could put me at a bit of a disadvantage, seeing as it might just weigh more than I do, but I’m very open to leather armor and maybe a few chainmail pieces.
        You gotta be quick, though, as my birthday is in 5 days 😉

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