Hmm. What to gripe about today? Its an important consideration, in fact its usually the first thing I think about when I wake up… after I’ve finished adjusting myself and the teepee I’ve pitched I mean (lest I injure someone, which could include myself)… but lets say soon thereafter my mind turns to complaining.

bd9912fe-d215-42f1-94ae-67f2054c0a0e (1).jpg

Today we’ll go with Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain acting like bro’s with beers. Asian background peeps told to act casual.

Ha ha.

I really like Anthony Bourdain… and Barack Obama… well… I mean he’s probably okay. Although I find him less genuine than Bourdain. I would have preferred eight years of Bourdain lets put it that way. Also watching Anthony eating strange street food off a surface of dubious hygienic quality was one of my guilty pleasures. I miss him in a very similar way I miss Christopher Hitchens, albeit for different reasons. Although I think they were both quite epicurean. Which probably says a lot about the sort of people I like.

Still, I really hate contrived stuff.


Postscript. I don’t think contrivication is a real word. But maybe it should be.



19 thoughts on “Contrivication

      1. Rob Zombie might have a better chance against DT than some of these other… eh… I want to losers… but that might be a tad harsh. I just don’t see a decent challenger among the current batch.


      1. Some might deem that extortionary… but then again you have gone to a lot of effort thus far. You seem worth it


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