I’m not sure this holds true purely for libertarians. I mean not so long ago a decision had to be made between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Which is like the lead torturer  for the Spanish Inquisition asking you to repent, oh and would you like the red hot poker in your urethra or up through your rectum.

Um… can I have a moment to think about it? *smacks you in the face with a gloved hand* No! You can’t!

Of course libertarians like to believe they’re special and have their own unique circumstances… and can’t gain mainstream political traction because of their crappy candidates. Ha ha. But really no REAL libertarian would run for political office. Those claiming to represent libertarians just want a cushy government job where they don’t have to work (and can order people around). Libertarians can smell your duplicity. Get a real job not funded by the tax payer you bum.

Besides REAL libertarians are too busy fighting each other on r/Libertarian about what constitutes legitimate libertarian ideology, we ain’t got no time for REAL life ‘stuff’.

21 thoughts on “For REAL

  1. Have you ever read the Russian fox experiment? Pretty cool. They bred for temperament only, and after ten years they basically had a dog only resembling the Fox. We too, have been bred for compliance. For a thousand years we murdered those that wouldn’t convert. I wonder what we would be like if we were still men of old—men of renown.

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    1. I haven’t heard about it. But you always have these interesting morsels.

      I know. Being German, my ‘people’ murdered hundreds and thousands of artists, craftsmen and intellectuals because of some sort of perceived difference. I often think about how different the world would have been without all the killing…

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      1. I’m part German too, but mostly English. I remember an account of the average aboriginals throwing spears farther than our Olympic champions throw the javelin. Makes ya wonder. We definitely live longer, but for what? Good to see you mate.

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      2. That’s quite a nice mix you’ve got going on there. I mean, as much as arbitrary ratios of ancestry matter. (I inclined to believe they don’t matter very much at all… I only ever really haul out my German-ness and dust it off during the soccer world cup)

        I seem to have a natural affinity with evil empires.
        German. Catholic. Growing up in Apartheid South Africa and now my white male-ness. Can’t seem to catch a break.

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    1. Okay. Well as long as you promise.

      Wait… is there a penalty clause? Do I get something if you do dumb stuff? Because then (maybe) I’d like to encourage you…

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      1. I was just being polite before (thinking you were somebody random)

        But yes. I feel a bit sheepish now. Heh he. I like the new look. Glad you’re still around. I’ve missed you.

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      2. I did chose an avatar that’s a more relaxed self. Lol they made me crop it but my tummy looked very relaxed 😳 before I had to. 😬

        The new blog, I feel cleansed and purified.

        So I’m glad I have you as a follower to dirty it up some 😋

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      3. You know me. Always taking it down a notch. Ha ha. I’ll try my best to keep with your expectations. (Joey is now flooded with the anxiety of performance pressure) Gah!

        Change is good. Yay you.

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      4. I find it fascinating that some movies (that probably never intended to become cult movies) develop into these cultural icons of an era.

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