There comes a time in a mans life, (well maybe I should just speak for myself) when you loose interest in pornography and start watching DIY/woodworking videos on Youtube instead. This happens to everyone right? Eh.. Guys?

(God, the things I admit to) Ha ha.

In any event, this comic succinctly nails Youtube DIY. (I vaguely wonder if that pun was intended… after some internal wrangling I decide it was)


4 thoughts on “Woodporn

    1. Ha ha. Yeah, varnishing your dowel stick. Admittedly you can probably make anything sound dirty.

      Neil Degrasse Tyson is one of my all time favorite peeps in the history of the world. Space blows my mind. I wish I was smarter so I could appreciate it more ya know…

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      1. You really can!

        When I initially read the title, I thought it said Wordporn, which is actually another pretty good YouTube channel I watch. They feature speeches, monologues, and some dialogue from movies. All sorts of inspiration.

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      2. I will endeavor to look it up. I love words. Grammar less so, but will definitely prostitute myself for a good wordplay. Thanks for the recommendation.

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