Is it possible to be hooked up intravenously to the coffee machine? *Joey wonders how hard it could possibly be to insert an IV…* I mean don’t you just poke around with a big needle until you hit something? Plus I’ve donated blood enough times now to be at least reasonably familiar with the process…

Its been one of those mornings. I stayed up late listening to music and trying to organize my Dropbox (the state of which is casting my German-ness into serious doubt) and now I’m suffering for my sins. I did find this though, which made me smile. Maybe it will make you smile too.

Context. Its probably 2am. My friend Ilse is trying to convince me of the merits of  ‘Die Heuwels Fantasties’, an Afrikaans folk rock band in my parents kitchen in Hermanus. We’ve probably been drinking. Ha ha. Good times.

This is me and her at a ‘roaring ’20’s party’… probably round the same sort of time period.


She’s channeling Amelia Earhart. And I’m channeling… eh… smugness? I used to be quite smug. Hopefully these days I am less so. That iteration of me was quite toxic. Fortunately I’ve grown up some and become a less… abrasive organism.

Anyways… throwback Thursday.



      1. Oh yes, we have a drug stores to but now all of the major supermarkets have pharmacies as well. Oh the dirty details!

      2. Makes a mental note. I have to moderate my language when I visit the States. Remember Joey… they don’t pronounce the H in herbs… for example. ha ha.

        Ok, so I’m good now when asking someone about the nearest pharmacy? I’m pretty sure it used to evoke strange looks.

      3. Ahhhh I see. I was starting to wonder if you thought “pharmacy” meant “coffee shop”. Which, by the way, Alaska has more per capita, than any other state. Just sayin’.

      4. Really? Coffee shops? or ‘Coffee shops’. Because the latter may entice me to visit sooner than anticipated.

      5. Well, you know, espresso stands. Or restaurants with a barista. Whatever. We Alaskans love our coffee. Drinking some right now, actually. But then, I also just woke up like an hour ago….

      6. Okay, gotcha. I was imagining Dutch style coffee shops. But with more snow. And bears. And those red Coast Guard helicopters. And maybe a place to tie up your dog sled.

        Coffee is ambrosia. You are very lucky to live in a society where it is worshipped so.

      7. In the Netherlands, coffeeshops are establishments where the sale of cannabis for personal consumption by the public is tolerated by the local authorities.

      8. Ah. Well, we have businesses where cannabis is sold. But the rules are different for it. It’s treated like alcohol (sort of). Public intoxication is frowned on but seldom is anything done unless a person becomes violent or aggressive. (Only seen in alcohol.) So, I’ll smoke/vape in my car but not out on the playground. lol

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