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Daily Journal, Throwback Thursday

Clearly its now a brawl…

Throwback Thursday. Joey losing his temper during what was supposed to be light sparring… I think I got rocked throwing that halfhearted leg kick… (We had agreed on 25% power before the bout which is why I wasn’t taking it particularly seriously) you can see me instinctively backing myself up into the corner so I can use the wall defensively to steady myself. I also get those 12oz gloves up pretty quick. Ha ha. Once I’m in the corner and had completed a rudimentary damage assessment (hey I’m still conscious) I clearly decided ‘fuck this’…

Its pretty crap recording and the sound lags. Probably recorded on a Blackberry. I don’t even remember this guys name. I clinch… cupping him behind his head, which protects me from his right hand and then start funneling in those upper cuts.

I give him kudos for the single leg take down, the right move under the circumstances. Cracked him with an elbow though after the take down and manage to pull guard, which although it didn’t look like a hard blow, cut him just inside his hairline.

I throw some pretty horrifically loose punches towards the end though. *whinces* Its hard watching. Started to get tired after scrambling up from the ground…

We had a rule at our gym. No one breaks up a fight, if it goes to a brawl, that’s what happens. Go until you get knocked out or tap out.

Good times.

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