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Abortion is likely the most divisive topic of conversation I can have with myself. The truth is, I have no idea what my position should be on this and I tend to oscillate between positions depending on… well… actually it probably depends on what the majority of people around me think. I will usually take on the contrarian position, because generally speaking, my go-to modus operandi is always to be at right angles to what everyone else is doing. When one is alone with no-one around to antagonize, things become less clear…


Since we have to start somewhere let me start by saying that I find any society that touts the killing of their own progeny as some sort of achievement and peddled as progress is a little dark. That somehow doesn’t sit well with me. I realize that there is Realpolitik to living that involves compromise, but this feels like quite a deviation from the spirit of humanism and that we as the guardians of (I want to say ‘galaxy’ here)… humanity should only take up inflicting demise under extremely dire circumstances. Surely as our end goal we want to eliminate death and suffering? I mean when we talk about macro-economic end goals? I know these things tend to shift around and I may not be current on humanities end game scenario.

Admittedly our lives are all about death. Our very existence requires lots of other stuff to die. Each of us is responsible for so much death, should it ever he presented to us visually (all at once) we would like balk at the sheer scale of our individual destruction. From the microbial life in our intestine that we decimate every time we reach for an antibiotic to the dairy cows we grind up for hamburgers when their artificially induced milk production starts to slow. For us to live, other stuff needs to suffer and die. Eventually, on a long enough time scale all humans will cease to be anyway, so really, whats a couple more living cells that have come together, that will, if left to their own devices become a human?

Besides, if that child is unwanted isn’t it better to not have lived at all than to experience a world full of hardship and suffering? On my better days I am inclined to reject nihilism… because, well… I quite like my life. I am very grateful to be alive (even though I don’t always show it). Its been quite an experience. I have never really suffered though… and I don’t know if a miserable life would alter my perception of this. In any event, life having gained a beachhead in the form of some dividing cells… I think its quite mean to deny that thing a shot at the ‘life experience’… if it finds life (later on) to be disagreeable it can always just kill itself.

Of course, offspring affect the living (with their annoying needs). There are economic, psychologically, physiological and environmental needs to consider. Unwanted humans cause massive societal concerns, totally better if they were never around in the first place. That way their burdensome meat sack status doesn’t subtract from my life experience. I’ll have more money, more space, the planet will likely get completely fucked a little slower and my planned (and desired) progeny will have a much better time of it. This seems like a total win.

In effect aren’t we just implementing a Thanos-ian type effect of having half the planet just simply disappear. I mean, when you consider aborted babies don’t make more babies. In an ecosystem that is starting to get out of sync isn’t the right decision to ‘trim’ the population down to a more manageable size? I mean this happens in nature all the time. Plus we’ve been practicing infanticide and senicide since forever, seriously, our nomadic ancestors would be exceptionally confused by our reticence to just not murder everyone. Its only relatively recently that we’ve decided that killing all those that vex us shouldn’t necessarily be our go to solution. (Admittedly this not yet a universal maxim)

Then I suppose, there is the personal responsibility aspect of this whole thing. And that… well… children is not something you can just catch brushing up against someone on the subway (shudder). Yes, this is not always a consenting arrangement among a male and female… but… I’m inclined to believe, that statistically, it usually is. When you engage in a reproductive function for fun… and the end result is… strangely enough reproduction we feel incredibly hard done by. We do the thing that we know causes a likely outcome but then rage against the outcome when it deviates from what we were expecting. In many other scenarios we would likely call this insanity. But you know… we like getting our thing wet.

Of course only one person in the copulation equation has to bear the outcome of said friskiness. The male of the species can just shrug and walk away. Sorry about that. And that doesn’t seem like a particularly equitable outcome. So that swings me back in the direction of death again. That and I hate being legislated to. Having your shitty life expectations thrust on me and that people with guns will come and lock me up, if I deviated from that narrow path needs to resisted. Although this may result in not only me being deprived my liberty but I may also potentially lose my life.

In the end I don’t think its right to inflict your ideology and personal philosophy on anyone else. You’re more than welcome to try and persuade me that your ideas are superior to my current understanding (and hopefully you act as a paragon of  your ideology and I may want to emulate you because of this), just as long as you understand that I have the right to go tell you to go get fucked.

In closing I likely I fall on the pro-choice side of things for everyone else. For me, personally, I am pro-life. I think that’s allowed…