Abort everyone

This kid… ha ha.


This can’t be a legit photo tho? My skeptical tumor is tingling (more than usual)


To be clear… when Gary Oldman says everyone. He means…


Actually this would solve a lot of earths problems.


2 thoughts on “Abort everyone

  1. Sorry, Jo, I can’t ‘like’ this one. I have nothing against Satan, of course, but abort everyone? That’s too far over the top for me. I’m with you; the image must be doctored, probably by some far-right, Bernie-hating, hate-baiting troll.

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  2. I suppose I should supply some context. I’m just Alabama’d out. Tired of the vitriol on both sides, so this struck a chord with me, the #%$ it, lets just kill everyone chord and then when won’t have anything to argue about anymore.


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