Its a generational thing…

Vtg-LADD-Merthiolate-Tincture-glass-bottle-dropper-Thimerosal.jpgRemember the ‘good’ ol’ days when we used to pour liquid mercury into our open wounds…

Okay, not quite liquid mercury… I’m using poetic license.

If you were a child pre-1990… its actually amazing you are still in one piece and (more or less) functional… I mean if you consider all the Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane on your apples, the fluoride in your water and your parents poisoning you every time you scraped your knee skateboarding or got into a punch up with your sister (that you lost).

There’s are reasons you Millennial’s have turned out so weak (and crazy). Lack of toxicity. Also we had parents that only really worried about the whereabouts of their children when it got REALLY dark and they hadn’t seen us for twelve hours.

We are the living embodiment of Nietzsches maxim. ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.


Also we had music videos on Mtv. Which, in my opinion, makes us the vastly superior generation. #justsaying.


  1. I was just saying to someone the other day, is there really such a thing as the good ole days? but when you put it like that Bahahaha
    Oh the dark thing… truth! And MTV. Wow. You are getting old 😁

    1. I am definitely getting old. I feel it in my knees. I’m looking forward to being able to tell kids to get off my lawn… while I sit on the porch and complain that everything has gone to hell around here.

      1. You guys have lawn in Australia? Isn’t it all just… thorns, scrub, sharp rocks, funnel spiders and eucalyptus trees waiting for a spark?

        Wow I just realized my imagined Australian Outback is overwhelmingly negative.

      2. Haha er yes…We have this one amazing thing nearby called a river. So we’ve managed to squeeze some green coloured blades into our lives. I’ll send a pic of our garden sometime 🤓🦋🐜🕷🦂🦎🐍🐊 roo emoji

      3. It’s late, so I’ll try tomorrow before we leave for a conference. I don’t want to jack up your expectations as the roses aren’t great 😔but we do get Roos in our street ☺️

      4. My ex-girlfriend used to drive over roos in her ute. She was a real Bogan.

        Ha ha. She lived in Bendigo and has colored by impression of non-coastal Australians ever since.

      5. This upsets me greatly. That you have to resort to decaf I mean.

        I’m sorry your life is so hard.

      1. Salmonella.

        Ha ha ha ha. *Jo laughs at his own joke*

        Um… street food… yeah… Its weird, I’ll eat street food in Hong Kong and Morrocco… but Johannesburg… and I suppose sub-Saharan African generally, the ‘street’ food makes me a uneasy.

        I once got such bad food poisoning that I ended up in hospital on a drip. I was even having hallucinations,. Really crazy morphine /alice in wonderland type stuff…

        Its made me… eh… pensive.

        We have quite a thriving food market industry. Which is less ‘street’ and more legit and because South Africa is such a hodgepodge of cultures you get amazing variety.

      2. I am not too adventurous anymore. I do like all food and I have incredibly flexible tastebuds, I guess, but after a run of bad luck with food borne illness I quit eating out (4 poisonings in two years) I eat food I make here at home. Haven’t eaten fast food for about 2 years now, and I’ve eaten at a restaurant I “trust” hehe, maybe twice. I think I aged 10 years last year. I don’t know if I’d survive another.

      3. On the plus side with your skillset I imagine you just self medicate.

        But yes… at your advanced age you need to be careful…

        Heh he

      4. Last time I just wanted to go ahead and friggin die. Really. My wife is a great cook so I get a lot of good food anyway. But, going out would be fun if it weren’t for the problems with it.

      5. You are a lucky man (that your wife is a great cook I mean)

        In fact… you seem to have A LOT of above average good things going for you.

        I demand to speak to a manager.

        How is this fair?

      6. Lol. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. I have made an intentional push to set myself up to be happy in my little sphere. I like simple, but simple these days takes strategy. Weird

      7. I agree wholeheartedly. Simple requires serious and deliberate action lest life overwhelm you with its proclivity towards complexity. It is weird state of affairs.

      8. The paradox of modern simplicity. Like having an entire section of the garage dedicated to camping equipment. Humans make the simple hard.

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