Mongolian Death Metal

This may be one of the coolest things I’ve ever found on the internet.

Mongolian Death Metal.

I know, I also laughed nervously and mouthed the words ‘What the f….’

But it is genuinely awesome. That such a thing actually exists makes me incredibly cheerful.

Also… Mongolians… scary AF.



9 thoughts on “Mongolian Death Metal

      1. Aah, I was a cowpoke but that was just a phase. I like variety in life. I’ve had 9 different careers but I have this foible of my nature; when I get good at something I move on.
        There are other cultures including the Inuit that do throat singing. It was at one time a part of the rituals of their worship.

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      2. Personally thats a great philosophy. Variety is the spice of life. I really hate my job at the moment. I wish I go do something else, but would feel incredibly guilty because of the 20 people I now employ. I never wanted this sort of… responsibility and now feel incredibly trapped by the decisions I’ve made.

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  1. Oh my gosh, not the elephants. Gotta leave the elephants alone.
    Yeah, that throat singing…this whole thing is fascinating!

    (I did see this comment underneath and I laughed out loud:

    “Girls locker room: Becky, I hate PE omg is that a thong

    Guys locker room: “)


    1. I actually don’t know what to do about it. Its probably the biggest reason I’m depressed (that and some existential crisis type stuff). I’m actually recently tried to sell half my company, but the deal fell through at the last minute. Anyways, its not real problems… I mean I still have a very good life… its just not the life I want… eh… anymore… ha ha… We are never going to be happy.


      1. Are you? I’m sorry to hear that Jo. Really.
        That is a bummer about the deal. I have zero advice to offer. And I certainly won’t tell you to cheer up, but I am going to have a coffee right now, in solidarity for this dilemma. ☕

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      2. Thanks. Its really not that bad. I just like to whine and feel sorry for myself. Ha ha.

        *raises his own coffee mug*

        Cheers to you!


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