Tastes like betrayal


As an INTP I struggle with empathy… but I thought I briefly felt something… before I started laughing. Poor guy.

Hopefully he can walk it off.


13 thoughts on “Tastes like betrayal

    1. Lol. Coffee… making people like each other since circa 1500 (I think). Maybe like is too strong a word, shifting us into a state of mind where we could be kinder to one another.

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      1. Well, when you are so addicted, and you think you are lost forever, but then I found decaf that is actually pretty good…the happiness is pretty boundless actually. 😁

        Oops totally forgot. I did actually take some the morning we left for that conference, then forgot to send them. We were away for a few days and now I am playing some kind of mind catch up…or something…reminders are helpful ha!


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