Go Darke

Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it

Fundamental Joeyism

In the Kaiju we trust


Godzilla is quite old testament. Super grouchy and unrelenting… laying waste to Sodom/Gomorrah/Tokyo whatever. Personally I never really understood what seemed like quite a personal vendetta against Japan. Although to be fair, I’m not entirely sure what Yahweh had against the Egyptians either… maybe it had to do with accepting assistance from extraterrestrials to build pointy, deity sized caltrops in the desert…. which may not have endeared them to anyone of a certain size and/or disposition. I imagine it’s like stepping on a lego, only their reaction is not limited to unusual adjectives paired with expressive cuss words.

Now that I think about it… why did the Egyptians get an extra dose of smite and the Romans got a free pass? I can’t seem to remember if they cover that specifically in the codex of two parts… not that its important to this meandering thought pattern. If you can even call it a pattern.


In any event, at least Godzilla has a clearly defined endgame which can be communicated without allegory, metaphor and unnecessary punctuation. The other guy not so much. Personally I feel a fair amount of blame can be placed at the feet of Mary and Joseph who (in my opinion) spent too much pushing the hippie carpentry aspect when maybe they should have been been punting a little more marketing and business management 101. In the very least one semester of effective communication. No mustard seeds, fig trees or good samaritans need apply. Also Jesuses hiring process was abysmal. Seriously, its almost like he picked his disciples at random… trust me on this when I say this is not a great way to build a team of core competency that you can trust to spread the dogma once you ascend skyward (without the aid of a fiery chariot I might add).

Godzilla has no doctrine. Except laying down the smack. Clear, concise and effective. Also one of his iterations is mecha-godzilla.


Which is basically the coolest thing ever. Vaguely I wonder if I’d like the pope more if he strode about in mechsuit instead of a pope-mobile.


I think I would.

MechaPope would have shown those protestants the error of their ways…